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Cracking the Comfort Code


Cracking the Comfort Code

Greta Drammeh

Born and raised in Madison, WI, Greta knows the area like a pro...

Born and raised in Madison, WI, Greta knows the area like a pro...

Jul 26 2 minutes read

Replacing windows can seem like the obvious choice to improve your home’s comfort and reduce energy waste. But while energy-efficient windows do help to tackle drafts and air leaks, the majority of a home’s energy is lost in other areas.

What to know before replacing windows

Trouble spots include attics, walls, light fixtures, doors, and anywhere warm air can escape or sneak into your home. In fact, the area surrounding each window — rather than the window itself — is often one of the main culprits. Upgrading your insulation and air sealing around these trouble spots is easier, less costly, and can have a far greater impact on boosting your home’s comfort and efficiency than entire window replacement.

Do new windows pay off?

If you do need new windows, we recommend replacing them as a package of upgrades that also includes air sealing and insulation. This will help you maximize home comfort and savings.

Low-E storm windows are another option that can save energy and money. They have a durable coating that minimizes the amount of infrared energy that passes through without comprising the light shining in. They are less than half the cost of full replacement and can be installed without the help of a contractor. Plus, you can get 25% off at participating retailers. 

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Home Energy Assessment

A home energy assessment is a great first step to determine whether or not new windows will pay off for your home, or if you can achieve similar savings for much less. 

Get in touch today, FocusOnEnergy is more than happy to help! 

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Review insulation and air sealing incentives or find a Trade Ally contractor to assess your home at or call 855.339.8866.

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